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Monday, 15 December 2008 at

Good Negotiators Make the Pie Bigger

A friend of mine runs a small (but very cool) web development company. He went a long to a meeting with a film company who wanted him to build a website but for a "fixed price" of ten thousand pounds. My friend tried to move them on the price because he knew that he couldn't do the site for that amount of money. But the clients were firm, that was all they could spend. Luckily my friend had brought with him his new office manager who'd had some experience of negotiations. She suggested that maybe they could develop some of the software for a fixed fee and then license some of the other software for a licence fee of three thousand pounds a year over three years. The clients agreed instantly - software licensing was a different budget and they could easily afford three thousand a year.

For further information, contact (07736 807 604) or (07713 634 830)

For further information, contact (07736 807 604) or (07713 634 830)

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