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Saturday, 6 December 2008 at

What we do - Agile Coaching

If you're thinking about doing some Agile training you're making the right decision. but you probably need some Agile coaching as well.

Training is great. It's good for getting everybody using the same vocabulary. It's good for introducing a lot of new ideas in a short space of time. But training has it's limits. The people who get the most out of our course are those who back them up with a programme of coaching.

Agile coaching is about helping people change the way that they work in their own work environments. This rarely happens quickly. Agile coaching is about giving encouragement when it's needed but also supplying options. Agile coaching is about providing you and your team with confidence to change whilst dealing with the real world, the real time constraints, the real scepticism and resistance of others in the organisation.

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