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Monday, 8 December 2008 at

What we do - Agile Consulting

Which parts of your company would benefit most from the introduction of Agile methods? What aspects of Agile methodology would deliver value the quickest? Are Agile methods even right for your company at all?

Some managers are scared by what they've heard about Agile methods, they fear that Agile methods mean allowing teams to do whatever they like and to make it up as they go along. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. Agile methods make a team far more response to the needs of management. Agile methods actually increase management control. They also make it easier for managers to report to their managers and to be confident in what they are saying rather than being forced to rely on vague promises.

The danger when looking for help from an Agile consultant is that you will find one who is tied - either philosophically or contractually, to one specific Agile methodology. The danger is that when you look for an Agile consultant you will end up paying a made-to-measure price for and off-the-peg solution.

Agile Lab draws on the years of experience of its consultants in development and project management, but it always looks at every new case as fresh and different. Together with our customers, either in the UK or abroad, Agile Lab works to understand the best way to introduce Agile methods. They can also work with you to explain the benefits, both to your staff and to your senior management and your board.

Finally Agile Lab can deliver the introduction of Agile methods, and their tangible and measurable benefits and roll them out through your organisation.

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