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What is the most healthy woman wearing cheap uggs shoes ?

Ultra-thin flat shoes

Crime: The pressure foot plate

"Wearing high heels unhealthy , so we chose to wear flat shoes thing ." Many people think that this can wear shoes healthy , in fact, wrong. Shoes not too high, nor too flat to be thin . People walking heel impact along the leg bones , spine, direct access to the head . Heel is too low, feet touch the ground the moment the body weight of up to 60 % of the weight on the rear to keep up, way to go more, upload momentum will cause ankle , knee, hip and waist and other parts of the pain . Long-wearing flat shoes plantar ligament and will accelerate deterioration of bone tissue , causing heel pain .

TIPS: Heel height 3 ~ 5cm most appropriate.

Leggings high-heeled sandals

Crime : " strangled " foot lah

Summer cheap uggs uk has not come yet , many women have begun contemplating buying dress you, but dress to go with what shoes ? Strap sandals elegant enough , right ? But strap sandals is indeed one of the most does not show in wearing shoes. Xiaobian not lie to you, you know think about strappy , in order to prevent the tape down , probably will lower leg tightly tied , the process of moving to poor blood circulation . The results of the calf Le out a one way you'll know why friends.

TIPS: leggings tape should choose a little wide , and this can reduce the pressure on the leg straps .

A sign of healthy shoes

1 toe high : the best selection in the toe can be slightly bent toe shoes , at least 0. 5 ~ 1cm of space for toes activities .

2 shoes are hard and wide : to avoid sloshing around . Shoe width can not be too narrow , there should be 0. 5cm of space.

3 ankle beneath the cortex should be soft : heel portion must be hard , so as to protect the feet .

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