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Monday, 11 May 2009 at

What's Right with this Picture?

I've just been reading this post and it made me think of something funny that happened just after we'd started up in business. We'd been asked to do some consultancy that involved interviewing people who ran "small creative businesses". I arranged to meet one woman, who ran her business from the garage in her back garden. When I talked to her on the phone, she was a bit worried about the idea of me coming to her house and suggested that we meet in the local pub. I understood totally, and agreed to meet her at the pub. In the meantime, I mailed her to confirm the meeting.

The day before the interview I just rang her again to confirm.
She said "Is that you in the picture on the website?"
"Yes" I said.
"Oh, that's all right, then, there's no problem, you can come to the house."
"Er, OK, I'll be bringing my partner with me."
"That's no problem."

So, clearly something about that picture is working, although I'm not quite sure what. It's taken a few days before I got married in Greece and when I'm surrounded by friends, so maybe I'm relaxed, and that comes across. It's actually cropped from a bigger picture showing me with my baby nephew on my knee and he always makes me feel good natured, maybe that's it.

I dunno? Maybe it's not the right picture for business, maybe it says relaxed and friendly, but it also says "utterly harmless". What do you think?

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