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Thursday, 8 October 2009 at

Do you speak organisation?

Having gone to Andy Murray's Prince2 refresh talk at the BCS, I'm starting to think that the issue between Prince2 and Agile might be slightly more subtle than I thought. Prince2 is a method of talking to organisations.  Agile is a set of methods for delivery, especially for software.  Both methods claim to be able to do the job of the other.  Both are bluffing.

Yeah right, I know, Scrum of Scrums.

Also, as far as I can see (my knowledge of Prince2 is very sketchy) there's nothing in the method to say how you actually get the work done, so what's to stop prioritised lists, Kanban-style displays of work in progress and strict limits to how much of that work is in progress?  I think this is what the guys at e2x were trying to tell me last time I talked to them, but I wasn't ready to get it.

Maybe Prince2 is a bit like Old Entish. Maybe arguments between Agilistas and the gentlemen of Prince2 is a bit like the battle between materialists and idealists in philosophy of mind.

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