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Thursday, 10 December 2009 at

Getting the right project management method for Web Development

Many web development companies would accept that their approach to managing projects could be improved. But the project management methodologies that are out there don't seem to fit well with the real experience of delivering web development projects:

PRINCE2 (initially designed for large government IT projects) seems to focus almost entirely on the production of documentation and seems to have almost nothing to say about getting things done.

Agile methods (initially designed for large corporate IT projects) have a much better focus on getting software written, but seem to have very little to say about the integrative nature of web development.

My own solution, based many experiences of helping web development companies is to derive inspiration from Lean. Lean is the name given to a set of project management principles derived from the hugely successful way that the Toyota Motor company produce cars. Car manufacture might seem like an initially unpromising place to look for ideas on how to run a web development company, but concentrating on the principles of the Toyota Production System, Value, Flow, Poke Yoke (mistake proofing) and What is it? rather than the practices, produces a powerful set of approaches for substantially improving the effectiveness of a web development team.

Find out more about my course, and book a place here: "Building the Lean Web Development Team".

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