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Monday, 30 March 2009 at

Feeback from my Difficult Conversations in Software Development Talk

This is the feedback I got for the talk "Software without (so many tears): dealing with difficult conversations in software".

Clearly I need to be more specific about how the things I talk about apply to software, but otherwise, I'm very pleased.

"covered a lot of personal conversational issues not exclusively software related. "

"Was an interesting talk on soft skills that are actually important for people in the software industry, lots of good and humorous points made! Perhaps there could've been some more direct software examples, but that's a minor quibble at best :) "

"This was a good presentation, refreshing to hear something on the often overlooked human angle of engineering/development. As someone who has had 'difficult conversations' in the past I enjoyed listening to Mark's no nonsense approach to reaching agreement. "

"Really got me thinking about how I react to others when having difficult conversations and Mark explained a diverse subject well in the short period of time. He also gave good direction for other resources regarding this topic."

For further information, contact (07736 807 604)

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