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Friday, 13 February 2009 at

5 Ways Agile Methods Help you Save Money on Software Development

1. Agile methods emphasize working software at the end of each iteration - conventional methods don't

This means that, if you're a client, after the end of each iteration, which might be a week or a month, you will have some tested, working software, which you can use in your business.

2. Agile methods prioritise aspects of development - they deliver the valuable stuff first

Using stories - short descriptions of the functionality that you want - rather than enormous, detailed, specification documents, Agile allows the client to work with the developers to prioritise which stories they should work on first. This means that at any point on an Agile project, the developers are working on the software that is of most value to you and your business. It also means that stories that consistently end up without high priority can be discarded.

3. You can change your mind while you still have time and money

Because development is done in short iterations, you can change the direction of development after each iteration. If new functionality/new stories are required they can be exchanged for old stories. By adding some new stories and re-prioritising some old ones, changes in functionality needn't cost extra cash.

4. If the developers get the wrong end of the stick, there's still time and money to put it right

If you've had any experience of software development, you'll probably have experienced that awful moment when the developers show you what they've done and your heart sinks. You think to yourself - "That's not what I wanted at all!". Agile doesn't promise that this will never happen, it just gives you lots more chances to put it right - and a chance to put it right before all the money is spent and time has run out. One way of thinking of Agile is that it moves difficult conversations to the places where they are most effective - and cost effective.

5. Agile saves developers money as well as clients

Agile gives developers a chance to test their understanding of what the client wants at regular intervals throughout the lifetime of a project - rather than in one very awkward conversation at the end of a project. This greatly increases the chances that the software you're working on is something that your client actually wants rather than just a waste of your time.

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