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Yellow boots since its inception in 1973 has been called for the brand classic, accompanied by several generations of people grow , long lasting. Yellow boots are not just a pair of boots, it is an attitude , on behalf of a firm , without fear, go its own way , it is timberland earthkeepers DNA of the perfect present. The evening of 27 September 2013 , yellow boots in Beijing 798 Art Center ushered in a grand birthday party . Yu Quan synergistic combination of many fashion circle of people, guests and media , copolymerization "Timberland Town" and opt for this pair of yellow boots classic 40th anniversary of the legendary birthday .

Through more than 4,000 people involved in the extensive investigation , the day Mulan feet arch area R & D facility found the most significant differences and, therefore, whether the shoes fit the main factors. The traditional shoe design focused solely on the length and width , rather than the thickness and height of the arch , which allows consumers forced either to wearing tight shoes , or shoes bought large and makes the gap left between the foot and shoe . In another survey, 50% of men surveyed have purchased uncomfortable or wrong shoes . Although such shoes can wear, but caused a lot of inconvenience. Obviously , the traditional single- size feet can provide comfort for all consumers of products

PreciseFIT ? system is a perfect fit enough to accept this challenge head-on , invented a simple but revolutionary footbed insert system that allows the wearer to get tailor-made paste clothes feelings. Each pair of timberland earthkeepers sale shoes are a different thickness , including Plug- foot bed and vice pad , they can stick on the insole , so that each pair of shoes can have the ideal space to accommodate the different sizes of the left foot . Thick mat that Timberland shoe insert the space becomes small, thin pad insertion space inside the shoe is increased . This special customized systems and Timberland Smart Comfort ? intelligent comfort systems combine to bring the wearer unparalleled comfort and fit enough experience.

Timberland ( Timberland ) Timberland Tim Bo Lan is the world's leading outdoor brands, for every one person who truly love the outdoors , the Timberland is a true and reliable , sustainable development of outdoor brands by providing innovative , through outdoor test , beautiful appearance and durable equipment, so you get the most abundant outdoor experience . This was established in 1918 in Boston early days the company is a professional footwear company . 1952 , the company's founder Nathan Swarts bought the Abington Shoe Company 50% of the shares , in 1955 , Nathan bought the remaining shares , its second generation took over the company , and in the subsequent 10 years grown into the nation's most successful shoe industry companies . 1973 , Swartz family established the timberland earthkeepers sale uk brand 70s , they take a unique shoe technology to produce the world's first pair of shoes and shoe uppers without stitching , soles and uppers completely cast, creating a real sense of waterproof shoes.

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